Caesar’s Legends

The characters you’ll encounter throughout Caesar’s Triumph


Centurion (small).png


The guy you want to have your back in battle. The Centurion adds to your troop strength. Players can level up Centurions by performing tasks and training them to gain experience points.

Centurions are non-fungible, completely unique and implemented on top of the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.


Roman War Horse

The Roman War Horse is a huge advantage in battle. Riding into battle on a Roman War Horse can mow down enemy troops with every charge into battle. CryptoRome historians have described these formidable horses as "tanks on legs."

These horses are ERC-721 tokens from CryptoHorse, another blockchain game. The integration of this token means that players can use the Roman War Horse both in CryptoHorse and CryptoRome.

Available now in the War Horse Market!



Legionnaires are advanced, highly skilled soldiers that bring added troops strength. They can level up by training with a Centurion.

(Coming Soon)



Wonders are one of a kind, unique assets that provide distinct and powerful benefits to its owners. These assets are only available via auction.

Currently the existing wonders owned in the game include: Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Temple of Apollo, and Parthenon. There will be 4 additional wonders released at at later date.


Other Legends that will be revealed throughout Caesar’s Triumph:

  • Carthage Elephants

  • Pict Warriors

  • The Engineer

  • Roman General

  • And more!