Developer Update: August 1, 2019

Hello Romans! A few words on the updates to Caesar’s Triumph:


Battle for Hispania Update

Testing for the ongoing arena is near completion. We have been playing the game internally for the last few weeks and are excited to share it with everyone. The ongoing battle adds a ton of new strategy to the game! A few updates remain for the ongoing arena to go live. We’ll update everyone in the next week or so on the specific launch date but we’re confident we’ll meet the August time frame as promised. As a reminder, here is everything you can expect with the ongoing battle arena.

Caesar’s Triumph and Gas Fees

Blockchain games are awesome for many reasons. However, a big downside of blockchain games, as they stand today, are gas fees. Since the start of Caesar’s Triumph /CryptoRome, we (the developers) have been covering the gas fees as a service to our players for the vast majority of game actions. We masked gas fee costs to the players by charging denari, our in-game currency. This has proven to be a helpful way to onboard players but managing the balancing act between denari costs and the ever fluctuating gas costs has proven to be difficult. Starting today, we’re moving to a more straightforward pay-as-you-go model for gas fees in Caesar’s Triumph. We believe that these changes bring a more straightforward way to manage costs and add a new level of decision making to the game (and just might improve the in-game economy).

This means players will cover the gas fees on the following in-game actions:

  • Resource Harvest

  • Industry item production

  • Resource production upgrades

  • Land improvements / buildings

  • Converting resources into denari

With this change, players will no longer be charged denari fees for Harvest and Industry item production.

This may only be temporary. We will revisit again in the future and address this as the game economy grows and blockchains evolve. 

The majority of players do use Metamask. For the few that do not, we understand that this is a minor hurdle to overcome in order to enjoy the game. If you need more information on using Metamask, getting ether, and paying gas fees, check out Metamask’s site here

-The Caesar’s Triumph Team

Jon Parise