Developer Update: July 8, 2019

Good day everyone! It has been a while since we issued a developer update for Caesars Triumph (formerly CryptoRome). We have maintained heads down on development and working out future partnerships for the CaesarsTriumph ecosystem. Today, we will give you an update on the first release of the Roman Conquest, slated for release August 2019.

Roman Conquest First Region Summary

As many of you know, we are releasing the map for Hispania first for the Roman Conquest. The map is broken up into a total of 5 regions (Baetica, Lusitania, Gallecia, Terraconesis, and Cartagines). The first of these regions for conquest is Cartagines. Within this first region, there are a total of 50 available battle points where players are able to wage war.

Actual Game Image:

Region Map

We are developing the final art images for the battle region map. It is a significant step forward when compared to the existing Sicily card game battles available at Caesars Triumph. These images will get shared in a future update.

Battle Updates

There are a number of changes to the battle game for the Roman Conquest. Some of the big changes are listed here:

  • All players of all ranks share a single ongoing battle map.

  • No battle day or running clock: battle is continuous with points and resources accumulated continually as a player holds a battle location.

  • A new battle popup with battle summary and actions the user can take.

  • When a battle location changes hands, there will be a grace period for the new governor to place defenses and more troops.

  • Each region has a total in theater troop limit, adding a level of strategy and competitiveness to each region. Cartagines has a troop limit of 10000 total troops. This means that at any time on the map, a player cannot have more than 10000 troops in play.

  • Future regions will vary in troop limits to create opportunities for all players and still allow larger players to compete over much larger areas.

  • All battles incur troop losses for the winner of the battle, even if they are the defender.

  • Walls no longer gain levels, but have hit points and can be destroyed by other players (More on this coming in a future developer update).

Existing Sicily battle features available at launch of Roman Conquest:

  • Troops and Swordsman deployment

  • Scouts for seeing the current state of a battle location

  • Wine for bolstering troop counts

  • Walls (Stick, Stone, Fortified)

  • Centurions for troops multiplier

  • Horse charges for reducing troop counts

Other existing features will come in future updates or have an update to fit into the new model of the game, stay tuned for more information as we start going through with additional updates to the new conquest game.

Final Notes

We are limiting the Roman Conquest portion of the game only to land holders. Non-land holding players are still able to play Battle for Sicily. We are also looking at some other possible additions to go into this release. As decisions are made or more art comes available, we will share it with the community. We will host a dedicated chat session with the developers on Thursday (1-5pm EST) on Discord for everyone to ask their questions and make their suggestions. More details to follow on this session soon.

Jon Parise