Developer Update: June 6, 2019

We officially rebranded the game. Welcome Caesar’s Triumph!


Fans of this game have heard us use “Caesar’s Triumph” in the past for describing special events. For some time now, the team has considered changing the name of the game to Caesar’s Triumph (bought up the domain 6 months ago or so). There are several reasons for this:

  1. The name CryptoRome can be confusing. Are we selling a cryptocurrency? That’s a big no. Are we creating new characters that can breed with each other to create new collectibles, except all set in ancient Rome? Again, a big no. We wanted a name that captured the essence of the game which involves both battle and economic sides. We’re not selling a new cryptocurrency and we’re not CryptoKitties set in ancient Rome…although that could be a future game ;-)

  2. Our vision always was to attract a non-crypto/blockchain audience. Blockchain technology enables many cool features in our game. But you really don’t need any knowledge of blockchain in order to have fun and find success. With “crypto” in our name, it almost deliberately set up a barrier to potential players who have no interest in blockchain or cryptocurrencies (estimates on cryptocurrency ownership are still fuzzy but it’s probably around 8% of the population owns cryptocurrency. Compare that number to the 2.4BN gamers worldwide).

  3. In referencing “Triumphs”, we open up new gameplay opportunities. Let your imaginations run wild but know that there are some fun ideas we can introduce that play off the celebration and entertainment associated with a Triumph.

For all intent and purposes, the game is fundamentally the same. A name change doesn’t solve everything and the work is far from complete, but we believe it will play a big part in setting the stage for growth. With this change, we’ve completely redesigned the front of the page of the site to include a new look and feel along with new content. Take a look and let us know what you think!


What’s a Triumph anyway?

Triumphs were lavish celebrations that were held for military commanders who won an important victory in battle. They were meant to remind people of Rome’s power and glory. 

The Triumphs of Caesar were later commemorated by the Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna. They are now a part of Royal Collection at Hampton Curt Palace in London. 

History lesson - DONE!

Gameplay Updates

We are continuing to develop the ongoing battle - The Roman Conquest. Details of the Roman Conquest remain the same and we’re still very excited about introducing this. We will be updating the community periodically on progress. Our intention is to release a new battlefield that features an ongoing battle (not decided in 3-hour increments) that players can experience next month.

Finally, we are aware how the fluctuation in Trajan’s Market has impacted the upgrade costs of buildings in a pretty major way. For one, yes, the upgrade cost of a blacksmith is pretty steep in terms of resources, but that also means that it’s incredibly inexpensive to buy swords from Trajan’s Market. However, we understand that some players (including the non-crypto owning players) may not want to buy swords but would rather produce them using the resources found on their village. With all this in mind, we’re considering a number of ideas to bring more balance to the game. Rest assured these will come with time in our continual development and improvement of the game. Until then, we always are open to new ideas so keep them coming.

Questions? Want to chat with the Caesar’s Triumph team and other players? 

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See you there,

The Caesar’s Triumph team

Jon Parise