Developer Update - September 4, 2019

Thank you to everyone that has come to play the beta version of The Roman Conquest. The ongoing battle in Hispania — the first region in the Roman Conquest — has been fun but not without its flaws. We greatly appreciate all of the feedback.

This Monday, September 9th, we’re going to reset the battle and implement a few changes to the way the battle game is played out. Here is a brief summary of what to expect:

Changes in Available Troops

Players will be able to generate troops up to the region limit. Eventually, this will increase to the total limit across all regions in The Roman Conquest. Once your available troops dip below the region limit, you’ll begin producing troops at the total production rate of your barracks. If you are over the region limit, the number will appear in red.

troops change.png

On a related note, troops in the Roman Conquest are now completely separated from the Battle for Sicily mini games. Players can still go and compete in the Battle for Sicily games but there is no link between them. 

Why make this change?
In the first iteration, we saw that the biggest players placed troops and never had much competition. Smaller players had no opportunity to attack. Now, even smaller players can make a big impact on the game with a little patience and time. True, those with the larger armies and the quicker production rates will have an edge, but this gives everybody the chance to take a territory and make their mark on the game.

New Attack Option

We’re introducing the opportunity to use auxiliary troops in battle. This means you’ll be able to move troops from adjacent territories when attacking and defending and it will not impact your available troops. So even if you reach the troops limit in the region, you can attack neighboring territories with your auxiliary troops. 

Why make this change?
Territories will change hands more often. It also provides more incentive to attack territories in clusters. In addition, if you reach your troops limit, you’ll be able to move troops to reinforce your position or attacks lands.

Accumulated rewards

Resource and item rewards accumulate into a war chest, which is displayed next to the battle items menu in the battle. This chest will appear once you’ve accumulated rewards. Simply click and your rewards will appear in your battle inventory. If you keep the battle window open for a long time, you’ll need to refresh the screen to get the war chest to reappear.

Why make this change?
Previously, rewards were automatically accumulating in the player’s battle inventory. While easier for the player, this resulted in some players never noticing if rewards were accumulating. This is a simple step in just giving players the ability to see that rewards won in battle are accumulating. 

In addition to these bigger changes, we cleaned up a few bugs that were reported during this initial beta phase.

We believe these changes will lock down the fundamental battle mechanics for the Roman Conquest. Once we have it fully player tested, we’ll have a contest to see how it holds up when the battle gets serious!

Following this release, we plan to introduce new features to the battle. We’ve laid the groundwork for shields (to provide a time when no one can attack your territory), daggers (to sneak into enemy camps and take out a centurion) and acts of nature (earthquakes that take down wall hit points). These features will be both fun and the cost in resources will begin to refuel the economy. 

What features would you like to see in the battles? Hop into Discord and let us know!

The Caesars Triumph Team

Jon Parise