Ides of March Week 2019

A message from Caesar

I, your Caesar, do not find it at all appropriate that the people in CryptoRomeare even acknowledging this week, let alone celebrating it. Too you I say, “Too soon!”

However, despite this week bringing back some bad memories, I suppose you’re honoring me nonetheless. Therefore, I am announcing the Ides of March Competition! Three lucky CryptoRomans will win my Ides Prize pack:

  • 2 Villages

  • 2 Centurions

  • 1 Roman War Horse

  • PLUS 1000 Denari

That’s about 1.5 ETH worth of prizes!

There are many ways to enter. The contest is live and runs through the Ides of March (March 15). Join the competition here:

More Ides of March fun

We have other things planned to commemorate my untimely stabbing.

Starting Monday, March 11 and running through Friday March 15, here’s what else you can expect:

**Every new village sale will come with a sack of 75 denari!**

**All Denari packs are 50% off!**

**Backstabbing: special dagger weapon enters the battle (this week only)**

Here’s how daggers work:

  1. Everyone gets 3 daggers each day. Any unused daggers are lost.

  2. You can stab a player anytime during battle and their troops are removed from the card and put back in their available troops.

  3. The next highest player is promoted to the leader on the card. It may or may not be you! If no players are left on card it will default to no one.

  4. The player stabbed is put in a 3 minute cool down.

  5. The option to stab is removed when the battle timer drops below 1 minute. However, any player that is stabbed near the 1 minute mark will have an additional 30 seconds to retaliate with a stab of their own. They won’t win the card but they will take out the current leader of the card (which may or may not be the person who stabbed you).

This should get…interesting.

The top three players stabbed during the week will each get 250 denari.We will announce the winners (?) at the end of the week. Until then, all stabbing activity will be anonymous, shrouded in mystery, intrigue and deceit.

**March 15 — The Ides of March. Massive prizes in battles.**

  • Each Caesar and Senator in Battlefields I & II will win a village

  • Five Centurion cards will be placed randomly across Battlefields I & II. If you hold this card at the end of the battle round, you’ll win a Centurion.

  • Every player in Battlefield III that reaches 100 points will be entered in a drawing to win a Roman War Horse. Two players will win one of these coveted horses.

Go forth then, CryptoRomans! Mourn my passing but sing my praises! Oh, and a word of advice: watch your backs.

— Caesar

Jon Parise