Ides of March Week: A recap from Caesar

caesar stab.jpg

From the desk of Caesar

What? You thought a little stabbing would stop me? I’m still here, fools! I am Caesar. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

We had an amazing week in CryptoRome! The Ides of March, while an unfortunate date in my life personally, proved to be a great rallying of players in CryptoRome. Even when considering the couple of players who thought they could get away playing with multiple accounts (caught you punks!), CryptoRome saw its highest active players to date. We brought in new players and saw many of our older players return to join in on the fun.

One fun element we introduced for Ides of March Week was the dagger. These pointy, little weapons did some damage during those five days — 476 stabbings to be exact! Players raved about them and, rest assured, my people will be determining the best way to get these daggers back into the game.

We also had some epic prizes from the week. Everything has been awarded, but if you missed it, here are all of the winners:

Gleam contest winners (2 villages, 2 Centurions, 1 Roman War Horse and 1000 denari)

  • JaxyDog


  • mpapaver

War Horse Winners from Battlefield III

  • ic4reign

  • imslo

Village Winners for Caesar and Senate seats

  • Redfoot

  • Maximus

  • JaxyDog

  • nikkoll

  • Cerberus

  • Gabriel

  • moxsapphire

  • Ahoi007

  • Julliete

  • Necil

Top 3 most stabbed players (250 denari)

  • Wyospl

  • Redfoot

  • Maximus

Caesar sends his congratulations to all of you! Well done!

Finally, rest assured my team is working diligently to build the very best CryptoRome. We still have a long way to go and appreciate everyone that is joining us in the journey.

To glory!


full caesar 2.png
Jon Parise