Raids! Send your raiding party to capture riches

Raids are a fun feature where any player can raid the unclaimed lands for the chance to receive denari, resources or battle items. This is in addition to the daily chest! The only difference in this case is that Raids require Metamask. The reason for this is we’re giving away resources and items that can be sold directly into Trajan’s Market for ETH.

Here’s how Raids work. A Raid should take around 1 minute total.

1. Send out your raiding party (pay the small transaction fee)

2. The riding party will then tell you what they discovered and pillaged

3. You then have the option to accept what they found or leave it unclaimed. If you choose to not claim the prize, your raiders will apologize, hang their heads low and hope to do better next time.

4. If you claim it, then the reward will be moved directly into your harvested inventory!

Each raid has a 5% chance of receiving a 75 pack of denari! All players can perform a raid every 24 hours but players with at least one village can raid every 12 hours!

Raids are found in the main player dashboard.

Sadly, my next raid will have to wait another 9 hours :-(

Sadly, my next raid will have to wait another 9 hours :-(

Jon Parise