Roman Conquest — Beta release announcement

We’re excited to share the beta version of the Roman Conquest. Now available to play! The developer team has enjoyed playing it and now we’re excited to test it in the wild with our players.

Hispania is the first map that will open in the Roman Conquest. The map is broken up into a total of 5 regions (Baetica, Lusitania, Gallecia, Terraconesis, and Cartagines). The first of these regions for conquest is Cartagines. Within this first region, there are a total of 50 territories where players are able to wage battles and defend. Cartagines is the beta version of the Roman Conquest release. Send the developers feedback in Discord so we can improve upon the game!

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.53.39 AM.png

Battle mechanics are very similar to Battle for Sicily game. Here are the major differences:

  1. No more battle clock: Should be implied with an ongoing arena but there is no more 3-hour clock to keep track of (Note — the daily battles with the 3-hour region windows are still raging on! You’ll still be able to win rewards there.)

  2. All players of all ranks share a single battle map. We’re releasing just one of the maps until we get player feedback. Then we’ll begin releasing new maps/regions as we continue to grow. Players will need land to participate in the Roman Conquest.

  3. Each region has a total in theater troop limit, adding a level of strategy and competitiveness to each region. Cartagines (the first region) has a troop limit of 10000 total troops. This means that at any time on the map, a player cannot have more than 10000 troops in play. If you reach the 10000 limit, you will not be able to place any additional troops. Unless…

  4. Players can increase the region max to up to 13000 (+30%) for up to 24 hours (as well as increase your personal troop max by 30%) using bread or fish.

  5. There are no more Lost Troops. Once you bring troops to a land, they are staying there until they meet their untimely demise. You cannot retreat.

  6. All battles incur troop losses for the winner of the battle, even if they are the defender.

  7. Walls do not gain levels the longer you defend, but rather have hit points and can be destroyed by other players. Walls will deliver damage to opposing armies until they are taken down to 0 hit points. The more hit points, the more damage. There are still have three different wall types: Stick: 600 hit points / Stone: 1200 hit points / Iron: 2000 hit points.

Entering the Map

When you enter Cartagines, players are presented with all 50 territories.

From the map view, each territory shows limited information:‌

  • The number of troops occupying the territory

  • Current holder of the territory

  • The reward earned for that card (the icon in the background)

  • The number of Caesar points earned per hour for that card

  • (If there is a wall) The type of wall on the territory (stick, stone, iron)

After you select a territory to attack, you will be presented with a Battlefield Survey. This will tell you additional information about the territory:


Each land has rewards that accumulate the longer you defend. These rewards are battle items, resources or denari. These will automatically be added to your battle inventory or daily denari chest.

‌Crowning Caesar

In addition to the rewards gained for defending a territory, each territory has a Caesar point value. Caesar points are earned the longer you defend the territory. The player at any given moment with the most Caesar points across all of the Roman Conquest is the Caesar.

The points are cumulative so if you lose control of a territory, you don’t lose your Caesar points but simply stop earning more. All Caesar points — both earned and current state — can be viewed in the new leaderboard.

These Caesar points will reset after we’ve received enough player feedback and when we’re ready to launch a new contest or tournament. We’ll let players know well in advance when this might reset. For now it’s all about bragging rights.

Additional Notes

War Horses

‌Use ’em if you got ’em. War Horses deal 30% damage to the troops on the land and Cavalry horses deal 2% damage. The major benefit with horses is that you can deal some damage without using any troops!


‌Players can use your Centurions to increase the troops count on a land that you own. These troops will count towards the region max limit. The “search and rescue” feature for level 10 and up centurions is not integrated into the ongoing battle arena.

We’ll be announcing new contests, promotions and even an additional character in the coming weeks as we test out the ongoing arena!


The Caesar’s Triumph Developer Team

Jon Parise