Buying land in Caesar’s Triumph: A Brief Guide

When you first get to Caesar’s Triumph, you can play in battles using troops from Caesar’s personal legion. Every player gets 500 troops per day.

However, you may want to increase the size of your army, acquire resources for battle or get in the action on the economic side of the game. For that, you’ll need land. This post provides a brief overview of what you should know and look for when purchasing land.

Land 101

Land in Caesar’s Triumph has real value. The resources produced on land are needed to advance in the game and therefore have significance within the game’s economy. These resource have value and player can choose to sell those resources for real money into the market.

A village contains six slots for producing resources or placing buildings. All villages come with three slots filled with randomly generated farms or mines that produce resources. When a land card is generated, it will display the type and number of resources produced by that land.

Three types of land exit in the game: Villages, Towns and Cities. Put simply, a Village is the smallest and a City is the largest parcel of land you can own in Caesar’s Triumph. A City consists of three Towns and a Town consists of three Villages.

Examples of a Village, Town and City in Caesar’s Triumph

Examples of a Village, Town and City in Caesar’s Triumph

Ok, I’m hooked, what should I do?

First create your player name (if you haven’t already) then head to the game store.

You’ll have two options when buying land. You can generate new land or you can buy directly from another player.

Option 1: Generate a new Village

When you buy directly from the game, you’re getting an untouched and undeveloped Village. Three resources will be randomly generated and place on your village. You may find more common resources like wheat or wood. Or, you may get lucky and find a rare resource like marble. The remaining three slots are empty and it will be up to you how to build up and improve your village.

When you purchase a new village you have earned naming rights! Names are permanent. The name you give the village will be forever held in Caesar’s Triumph blockchain history!

Also, when buying directly from the game, you have the option to use a credit card or purchase with ether.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 9.48.19 AM.png

Option 2: Purchase directly from another player

Players can list their land in the marketplace with the hopes of selling it to another player. You may want to buy land from another player if:

  • You’re looking for a specific resource

  • You spot a good deal

  • You don’t want to spend the time upgrading your land but want all the riches that come with it

When browsing the Marketplace, you will want to consider:

  • Description: Is the land a Village, Town or a City

  • Price: Of course

  • Village Details: Here is where you can view the type and amount of resources being produced each day. If there are buildings on the land, you will see the amount of bread, wine or swords that can be produced. Finally, you’ll see the amount of troops that are produced daily by that village. Every village produces 25 troops each day, however, it can produced exponentially more troops with leveled up barracks.

There you go! Everything you need to get going with land in Caesar’s Triumph. Once you purchase a village, head to My Land to start building!

Jon Parise